Tuesday, May 29, 2007

5 days

When I was getting ready for the honeymoon I swore that I would not be working like a dog when I got back. That was BEFORE the washing machine went to shit 2 days before we left and I realized both cars need to be inspected. So worked 60 hours last week and worked 5 days over the weekend.

Christmas, New Years, Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor day...... the top 5 weekends for traumatic injury and organ donation. People get a day off and get RETARDED. My first two days in the ICU were relatively uneventful.... dad "spending time" with his teenage son by doing motocross and landing face first into a jump. Hell, at least he was wearing a helmet and body armor. He woke up today (came in Thursday) yelling "Dang it, Dang it, Dang it.... I'm fucked up!"

Saturday night in the ER.... warm, beautiful day, Memorial Day weekend.... never a good thing. I was scheduled to be in green.... but switched to the trauma room. Everyone else gets normal stuff...... it fucking rains zebras when I go in there.

One of the saddest cases in my career that night. 28 year old woman out on a boat with her husband of 10 years and another couple. Jet skiers cut the boat off and the driver swerved to miss and struck a buoy (or channel marker). She hit her head on something in the boat, and went down in the middle. When she got to us she was almost already brain dead. Her husband is a firefighter and they have a 9 year old son. I did everything I could in the ER and then sent her up to my ICU. It is so awful talking to a family about their loved one when we all know that she is going to die, there is NOTHING we can do, and they don't know that yet. She died in the ICU the next night. Her family hugged me when I got up there and thanked me for all I did. The saddest part of my night was watching her dad (BIG Harley guy) her husband, and son holding hands, crying and walking out of the unit.

As soon as I got back downstairs I got a call for a GSW that wasn't breathing...... whoo-hoo we're gonna crack one. Ummmm... no. We tubed him and got to looking. Big fat old dude had a through and through to the elbow and that was it. We looked and looked..... and did CPR when he coded, shocked him once. Finally figured that he old boy was having a heart attack. Did he have it AFTER being shot? Did the blood loss from the GSW cause the MI? We didn't know. We actually got a pulse back for a little bit and then said... what the fuck have we done?!?!?! His brain is now mush. When he coded again it didn't last as long. Ugh..... what a night.

So I think I have dropped enough mental goo here..... he cop and I are going to a cop cookout/poker night. It will be nice NOT to be at work for a change.


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