Saturday, April 21, 2007

Good Times

Everyone keeps telling me that there will be little mishaps with the wedding. I'm not too worried about the little stuff. This morning was another story. I got my ass handed to me in the trauma room last night and was on my way out with the CC and another nurse. Our hospital is a little ghetto and even though we are getting a new multi-million dollar bed tower.... the basic stuff has been neglected. On the way out to the parking deck there was an area of collapsed concrete with outdoor rugs thrown over it. Yup.... I stepped in it and fucked up my ankle! I had to go BACK to the ER, get registered x-rays, percocet etc. The cop laughed his ass off when I called and the day nurses kept trying to put me in the trauma room. Bottom line: Not broken (thank god) could be a screwed up ligament.... will have to wait for the swelling to go down and see what happens! I'm out of work tonight and maybe tomorrow if it isn't better.

Last night I was in the trauma room and it ROCKED!!! I had great medics the BEST docs and actual sick people. A couple of drunks that rolled their cars, a stabbing to the shoulder. We also got a through and through GSW to the neck who came in handcuffed to the backboard. I had to get the keys from PD to undo the cuffs. Turns out this motherfucker robbed a pizza hut. PD saw the car he was in and pursued him into the city. He popped off 4 rounds at a female officer and she fired back once hitting him in the neck. She actually took out his voice box. He went emergently to the OR. I got two police officers up with us, got them in sterile suits and they got to watch his surgery. He will have a nice place to stay when he gets discharged.

We had a young guy, drunk as shit who was going 90mph in a neighborhood and flipped his truck. Thankfully it was 4am, so no kids were out on the street. We aren't sure if he went out the sunroof or the windshield. He had facial fractures, awful lacerations into his neck, a pelvic fractures with vessels bleeding into his belly and a tear in his aorta. The pelvic bleeding can be bad, but an aortic injury is always life threatening. If too much pressure (think bp) builds through that vessel it can blowout and then its too late. We could crack the chest there, but there's like a 1% survival if it gets that far.

The take home message is the same as always!!!! DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE! This guy had a DD and didn't call her!

SO the cop is at a friends wedding (he's a groomsman) and I am chilling with my foot propped up. I am such a klutz!!1


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