Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Crazy ER shit

Being back in the ER is it's own monster. I try to explain to the ICU nurses just what the ER can be like.

a psych pt cracked out of her mind, trying to get a pair f trauma shears away from the resident to slash her wrists

walking down the hall to green and seeing a bedpan and emesis basin full of vomit on the table in the hall

the hospital administrator receiving "heavy breathing" phone calls from the patient phone in the hallway

PD in with a guy who swallowed a baggie of cocaine. the doc told him he could die, he didn't care

mutiny in the waiting room because the trauma patients were getting to go straight back, while the 5 day toothache waited four hours

another waiting room pt who had "blisters" on his penis for a week (as much as you guys are protective of that, wouldn't you get to the doc when it started?)

stinky feet PhD (his claim) who refused to leave when he was discharged and had to be removed by PD

woman who overdosed on Xanax. on exam she had a vaginal/anal fistula. (think tunnel between the two) there was diarrhea coming out of BOTH holes! (GROSS!)

Pregnant female with cravings ate a whole jar full of pickles. THEN she drank the pickle juice. Came in screaming with chest pain (reflux vs indigestion). Then decided to leave AMA because the air was hurting her nose!

All of this was stuff from one night only. I am very happy to be home!


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You crack me up! Must write more!

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