Monday, May 21, 2007

Welcome Back

I drove the cop into work tonight..... his precinct is in the middle of one of the biggest shitholes in the city. Drug dealers on the corners and drunk homeless guys sitting outside the liquor store. Ahhhhh... I'm home!

My first night back was actually Friday. I have mentioned our trauma patients who were "just minding their bidness (business)" and done got shot. Well, that was not the case Friday night. 20 year old kid (per his parents he is "a troubled kid") answered his door and BAM in the head. Turns out that he was involved in a shooting a couple of weeks ago and this was retaliation. There is no way that he will survive, we are just waiting for mom and dad to make a decision about organ donation vs taking him off life support. Dad believes that a miracle will happen and the bullet will just be siting on the pillow next to him one day. Hmmmmm...... not sure how to take that one!

We had another GSW to the head that occurred on the highway. The shooter must be related to the guy (or guys) who shot JFK because this was a one in a million shot. This kid was also a gang member (looked like MS-13) so I'm sure there is more to that story as well.

Its good to be home..... as great as the trip and the wedding were, I think Dorothy was right. There really is no place like home.


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