Thursday, August 23, 2007


I just finished my ninth twelve hour shift in a row. 60 hours last week and 48 this week. The cop and I are going to Vegas to see Jimmy Buffett in October, and my "staying in a shithole hotel" days are over. I'm eyeing either the Bellagio or Venetian. So I work my ass off so we can enjoy it later. The first 3 were in the ICU... boring as hell as is par.

Then three days in the ER.... much more interesting.

In charge in green. Good night until granny gets moved down from Yellow. Granny has breast CA and mets everywhere. They also thought she may have TB. The family wanted the full court press. At the same time a dialysis patient came in all fluid overloaded. So we tubed both at the same time. I was trying to get some folks discharged when the PCT whispered in my ear that granny was coding. SHIT! The worst part, they got her back. As I was calling report she coded again and the family walked in on it. Yeah, thats when we stopped.

Trauma room. GSW to the groin, bleeding out. Got 2 of blood and emergently to the OR. 7 year old hit in the head with a horseshoe, she got tubed and went to pediatric ICU. Skateboarder fell backwards and hit his head. HUGE head bleed and went to the OR emergently. Guy shot multiple times in both legs, to the OR later for pins and screws. Guy stabbed multiple times by the baby's momma. He is going to be ok, just got about a million sutures. There were 7 total. I had a Scoreboard on our dry erase board. It said "US" on one side and "THEM" on the other. We won 7 to nothing!

Trauma room again. 9 traumas. 2 big accidents with multiple patients each. Every helicopter in our area was out there. I got a girl by a ground squad that was covered with diesel fuel. Got to take her (on the squad stretcher) back out of the trauma room to the decon shower, cut her clothes and hose her down. I was soaked by the time we were done. That night I also got a drunk good 'ol boy who was stabbed in the chest by "some guy." He has a lung injury and went to the OR pretty quickly too.

So thats all of the er shit that I did. The ICU was a story unto itself and I am too fucking tired to get too into it. Lets just say that last night I got floated to a surgical stepdown floor. This place is the closest to a third world country that I have ever seen. Holy Shit is it bad down there.

I'm going to bed now.... I hope to sleep for at least 18 hours. It had better fucking be dark when I wake up!!!


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sounds fun - what were you thinking doing 9 in a row? sweet dreams!

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