Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Troll

I am getting used to the ICU.... after a year I certainly fucking hope so! The one thing that make me crazy is being stuck in one place for 13 hours! Grrr..... its the same people, the same noises and the same crap for the whole shift.

The clerk and I do NOT get along. She is a short, fat, bow-legged, bucktoothed evil wench. (this is actually kind.... I don't use the C word, but it comes to mind when I deal with her.) I know this sounds bad....... but allow me to explain.

My mom taught me to say please, thank you, and excuse me when appropriate. Even though I don't like this mushroom of a person, my mom would slap me if I wasn't polite. None of this is ever reciprocated, ever. I say thank you and get no acknowledgement that I spoke at all. My lab results (sometimes) end up where they should, but are usually scattered around the ICU. When the cop calls he is placed on terminal hold, I never know that he calls unless someone else answers the phone. She will, however come and get me when a patient's family is on the phone and I am in the middle of bathing a patient, giving meds or anything else that I HAVE to get done. She won't ask them to call back ("they have the pass code") and will continue to yell that they are on the phone.

I've caught her making snide remarks about how awful the ER is and how ER nurses don't care about their patients. (she really likes Lurch though). Some mornings it is all I can take to even look at her. So I (oh so sweetly) refer to her as the "Fucking Lazy-Ass Troll." It has as sweet ring to it doesn't it???

Sorry to vent like that... not attractive but it keeps me from beating her ass.

Porkchop is doing better.... he was awake last night and was able to touch his nose. Sounds like a small feat, but its a big one for the Pork!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sounds like some of the heffers at my workplace

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