Thursday, October 18, 2007

Return of the Chop

Occasionally, we have patients and families return to the ICU to visit. Usually its instigated by the families, since 99% of the patients were so gorked out that they don't even remember being in the hospital. After the last two weeks, it has been hard to imagine anyone getting out of the ICU, or the hospital in general. They all seem to go to "the floor" somewhere, or to Palliative Care to die. They all just disappear and thats that. Somehow, some of them survive the neuro floor, rehab and go home... though it must be the strongest willed (or those who are direct descendants of the cockroach).

So I found out last night that we had a visitor during the day last week. It seems that my old friend Porkchop has beaten the odds and made it out alive. The nurse who saw him said that he walked down the hall just fine, no limp, wearing his helmet and looking like "who the hell brought me here?" She said that he was both a quiet and shy person who (still) towers over everyone. His affect is flat and he has the slightly confused look of an old neuro patient, but that he is doing ok. He even told the day nurse that cared for him (she was his primary day nurse, and I was nights) "thank you for taking good care of me."He doesn't remember a thing, although I think that if he heard my voice saying "Porkchop, I'm going to pinch the shit out of you if you don't open your eyes" he might just take that moment to smack they shit out of me!I'm sorry I didn't get to see him, but I am glad he is doing well.

After the last few weeks it will be nice to get away. The cop and I leave for Vegas tomorrow morning. Buffett is playing the MGM Grand Saturday night, and there are nosebleed seats with our names on them.


Anonymous The Cop said...


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Blogger Paradise Driver said...

Aww. That's sweet. (above ^)

Have you met him? Backstage or ??

11:19 AM  
Blogger NocturnalRN said...

Have a blast! You deserve it

1:42 PM  

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