Sunday, December 28, 2008

Smells like......

I got my ass whooped last night. We had an incredible team... the same team that was on last Friday when we had 15 traumas in just under 4 hours. It was painful! So last night started with a couple of teenagers that rolled their cars. Nice patients, nice families. Not sure I even know what to do with those anymore. No huge injuries... couple of broken bones but nothing big.

We got a trauma from the area that my helicopter used to be in. Female had her door briken down and was shit several times in each leg in front of her 7 year old. She was hypotensive and combative on arrival and not a small girl. We gave her 4 units of blood which she bled out just as fast as they went in. When she went to the OR she had multiple vascular injuries that tied up the trauma team for HOURS. The next couple of traumas were run by the intern who, fortunately had a good head on her shoulders and did a damn good job. Too bad she's going into ortho and not trauma.

Everyone has the things that make them cringe a little. Some hate poop, some vomit some hate trachs..... when it comes to trauma I don't really like the open fracture dislocations of the tib/fib at the ankle. They flop around in ways a foot should never do and they just look painful as shit. We had a drunk lady get out of a reckless driving ticket tonight because the state trooper watched us attempt to reduce her ankle and decided that she had been punished enough. That bled everywhere too. These patients are usually screamers... (not that I blame them) and they can scream until your ears ring.

After 10 traumas it was 645 and I was ready to go home. My charge nurse looked a little upset when she had to come to me and say.. "PD found a guy shot in the head and arms, he's still breathing right now." Ugh... never good. This guy had 8 holes in his head, a through and through to the temples, one under his chin and a couple to the back of the head that I didn't get a good look at. He was bleeding from the mouth, head and the through and through to the arm. The crazy part was that he was still awake and talking. I didn't get to see his head CT, but I know that he was lucky as shit.

My relief walked into the trauma room at 7am and said "wow.... it smells like blood in here"

Ya think?!?!?


Blogger Wendy Glosser said...

SHUT UP!!! I work in OR and yesterday, we had an elderly lady step out of the bathtub and completely mangle her tib fib where her ankle is! When I was helping to prep her for surgery yesterday, I had to go away in my head because my stomach was turning everywhere and her ankle was CRUNCHING under my hand. When the doc was irrigating it in the OR, her foot was literally dangling. I thought I would lose it and had to step out. I've only been bothered one other time and nothing like this! I'm enjoying your blog! I'm such a nerd! :-)

4:13 PM  
Blogger Kimberly said...

I LOVE your blog. Thank you for a great entries!

10:35 PM  
Blogger GingerJar said...

Sounds like a war zone there. Also full moon syndrome. I don't know what the hell was going on a few weeks ago, we had a bunch of crazy patient's and they had 1:1 orders, but nobody to sit with them (the families ran for the hills! LOL). It was took your eyes off one room for one second to do somthing for the other dude and the first one would be in the floor. Before you could get that one up and in the bed and do the the doc and all that stuff, the other one would rare up in the bed like a horse and shot over the bed-rails and onto the floor! What the hell????

10:46 PM  

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