Saturday, January 17, 2009


In this economy it seems like we should all be scared. There doesn't seem to be a whole lot you can depend on. The cop and I have joked that no matter what the economy does, we will always have jobs. While we have been a bit more careful with our spending, it has been a comforting thought.

Since I returned to the hospital the economic status has been very visible. Overtime is very limited and very hard to come by. People actually rush to sign up when it becomes available. A lot of our supplemental staff (float pool) have been cancelled or sent home. We had a meeting with ER management this week and it appears that while the hospital had millions upon millions to build a new addition (and already can't staff it!) they have found a need to start layoffs. The letter we all got in the mail is a bunch of managerial bullshit with the number 300 on it. 300 people could get laid off! The majority will probably be nursing, "since they make up the majority of the staff." It seems that the supplemental department will be closed, hourly personnel will be let go and everyone close to retirement will be offered a package to retire early. I know that I am vested, experienced, and hard working.... but I am still scared that it will be me.


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