Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bad Moon Rising

You can tell the moon is full... seriously crazy shit.

Lady who walks backwards everywhere she goes and has the hat pulled down over her eyes like the guy on 'Fat Albert'

Lady who gets nervous and eats the foam from her egg crate mattress. (she wonders why her stomach hurts!)

Woman with a live roach in her ear that swears GOD is whispering to her (the roach came out alive and in one piece! Ewwwww!)

Man with a hemicorpectomy (amputated just below belly-button) who was "walking along when al of a sudden two dudes stole his legs and left him in a chair"

This was just Thursday night.... Friday night the barometic pressure must have dropped as well, 'cuz there were cerebral aneuryms blowing like fireworks. We sent 5 up tubed and sick as shit. Out of 5, 1, maybe 2 might survive. I am truly exhausted and am going to bed. Will fill in the blanks later.


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