Friday, October 02, 2009

Silver Lining

New adventure??? Who knows? Tonight I ran into an old acquaintance who presented a new fork in the road. She is an organ procurement coordinator. She evaluates donor candidates, (occasionally) consents families and then manages the care of the patient from consent to OR. I have worked with these patients before. Donor patients are the sickest and most challenging that I have ever taken care of. With my background I could probably be pretty successful.
What about flying? I still miss it every day. I still dream about it at night, and can't help but smile when I hear an aircraft overhead. Not ready to give up on that dream yet, but the ER is still sucking my will. I don't know that I would be happy in the ICU. It took all I had just to suffer through neuro as long as I did. Will a cardiac surgery or pedes ICU be any better? Hell if I know. ARRUUUGHGGGH.....


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