Saturday, September 26, 2009

HBIC (Head Bitch in Charge)

I am still completely fascinated with the idea of 'Emergency Hair.' Seriously, is this some shit that was just made up? I asked the charge nurse as I was getting charge report last night and she had an epiphany. (this from a blonde hair/blue eyed Scottish girl) Emergency Hair: when you have your hair weave/braid put in you get extra little braidy things to sew in if one falls out. Wow, that makes a lot of sense! I tried to confirm on Wikipedia, but no such luck. My only confirmation is from the weirdo white clerk who randomly got braids put in a couple of months ago.

Being in charge always stresses me out a little bit. It really does depend on who you have on your "side" and how well they all work together. Last night in green I had an incredible group. They were all strong, nice people who worked well together, especially when it was hitting the fan. The way staffing fell, there was a Sausage-Fest (all boys) in Yellow... and only a token boy in green with me. We started out ready to prank them all night... as they have done to us in the past, but unfortunately it was just too damn busy!

Someone explain this to me..... 65 year old lady with MS, CVA HTN, lives in a nursing home with a PEG, colostomy, decubs everywhere and contractures. Are we getting the picture here? She is usually completely with it (yeah right) and became altered 36 hours before she showed up. The staff sent some labs and waited. It became an emergency at 0215. She arrived with a temp of 103, tachy and (THANK GOD!) not hypotensive. The staff at the home refused to give EMS any more info.... but they were more than willing to call and question when we were going to admit her. The nurse refused to talk to them (she was Sooooo pissed) so as charge I got to tell them that she was being admitted and then promptly hung up on them.

While MeeMaw was sick, we were keeping a lady up on CPAP and tubing another asthmatic that wasn't moving any air. The asshole husband of some abd pain patient had to be told to get out of the asthma patient's room, and the crazy psych patients were moving in. Seriously, some girl went to the bathroom, put on PJ's and slippers and was reading a book instead of talking to the psych doctors.

Some people just irritate the hell outta me. The attending last night was the only real downside. He's a jerk, plain and simple. The highlight was when the resident walked in to the tubed patient's room to tell us what a dick the attending was!


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And let me guess. The 65 year old with MS etc was a full code. I have such a hard time with that. Regardless of what age they are, people need to realize that in some cases there is no such thing as a miracle.

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