Saturday, December 26, 2009

Really... REALLY????

First and foremost let me preface this by saying this is not gonna be one of those "Lights, please..... this is the true meaning of Christmas" posts. Nothing against Linus, he is my all-time favorite, by a Charlie Brown Christmas it was not.

I was already scheduled to work Christmas Eve. Seriously, a silent fucking night. I went into the trauma room awaiting the massive reindeer pileup and possibly a few DUI elves. No such luck. I was, however, blessed with a 19 year old, drunk as shit who rolled his car multiple times. His present??? He was restrained. He had an open knee fracture. The lump o' coal included his 2 buddies, both ejected, 1 dead on scene, the other tubed, flown to another hospital and dead there. His dad's take.....???? They can't prove this was the kids fault, so don't say a fucking word. Way to evoke the spirit of Christmas there. The rest of the night was painfully slow and boring, with the exception of tall, dark and handsome elf that brought us some crazy bitch that OD'd on 3 percocet and 1 dilaudid po.

Christmas, was a completely different story. I was in charge and it was busy as fuck. (of course it was) Everyone who didn't get percocet and methadone in their stockings decided to come to the ER and get it. I had a less than optimal group at 7pm. WBL (wandering brownie lady) was in the back... which is unfortunate because you can't sell your fucking brownies when there are sick patients in your zone. I have said many times, every nurse is not created equal. I had one nurse tied up with a hypotensive pt who was 14 weeks pregnant and miscarrying so I had to handle her other 5 patients. TBL had 4.... 1 with a ready bed, 1 with discharge orders and 2 that weren't that sick (I know because I took care of one of them as well!). 2 hours later she finally got her 2 beds freed up..... I gave her a sickler and a chest pain.... about 45 minutes apart. Not unheard of. The chest painer had a rate of 140. 30 minutes later had he had a BP done yet? Nope. Access? Nope. EKG? Yes, the ER medic did that one. OMFG people! In the meantime her sickler was SCREAMING bloody murder about how we were unprofessional and insensitive because she hadn't gotten (haha) her methadone and dilaudid yet. In fact, her port-a-cath hadn't even been accessed. Multiple people (including the trauma nurse) tried to get in and help TBL, but she would have none of it. Even the resident was asking for her help with central line placement to which she said she was too busy. Seriously? Really?

I begged the coordinator to send her to triage at 11. At least that way I would get a nurse who was strong enough to run a damn zone without having to hold her hand.

I don't know how many little (and not-so-little) fires I had to put out because of her. I was in the coordinator's office more than one time. She even had the balls to write up one of my medics. I'm sorry... but I love my medics. This one was working her ass off trying to help and was in the room with a doctor who was sterile and needed help. My take?? If the medic goes down for something completely fucktarded then paint a target on me, cause I was in charge and will take any and all responsibility. You don't fuck with my medics!!!

It continued like this for most of the night. Asshole, ungrateful patients that ran us ragged. Frequent flier drunk with AMS that was found down. We put him in the hallway and ignored him for 8 hours. Amazing how fast the pee can accumulate in the sheets. We had a drunk come in with the police after a fight with family. He was a little crazy until my favorite resident went to evaluate him. When he kicked her with both legs all 6 officers took him down. Ker-thunk onto the floor. He got the rest of his exam pinned to the floor.

Ended the night with a self-inflicted GSW to the right chest. Some nights you can't get out fast enough.

Santa Baby... next year I just want some peace and quiet.


Blogger battynurse said...

Oh how I hate drunk drivers and the havoc they wreck. Way to go dad with enabling your son in not taking responsibility for his actions and teaching him the life lesson that it's always everyone else's fault.
Christmas night just sounds ugly. So after putting in Christmas Eve and Christmas do you get next year off? Hope so. Also New Years Eve off would likely be nice too.

6:00 AM  
Blogger Paradise Driver said...

Oh, how I (don't) miss the combination of alcohol and holidays.

5:24 AM  

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