Friday, December 04, 2009


There are some signs that are obvious. We ask for signs and symptoms of CVA, tension pneumothorax and heart attack. We see them every day. They keep us on track and show us the way. Some are more subtle than others. You have to read between the lines and interpret what they really mean. I think this loose association is what separates the "human" signs from the ones we see on street corners.

For example yesterday It  got absolutely no sleep. I claim that myself. I decided to do one of my first ambulance days in between a run of shifts. Maybe not the brightest idea, but it was a great oppotunity I had a wonderful time. So I sacrificed sleep. After 24 hours awake I can be little punchy, but this was a bit much. My normal bubbly personality was replaced by a filterless pitbull. I truly tried to hang the "Leave Me the FUCK Alone' sign, but to no avail. FYI: When you are tired, Mt Dew, triple lattes and starbucks Dark Chocolate Espresso beans are not an idea situation. SVT is not pretty on me!

When I am tired/cranky my personal space frequently becomes an issue. I simply want to be left the fuck alone. Back off, don't crowd me and let me do my thing. If I want to see you, I will seek you out or open that door. Unfortunately, the normal happy me is thrilled to sit and chat with anyone so when the aforementioned filterless pitbull is around they seldom recognize. I was in triagony all night last night with one of my buddies and another lady that we have dubbed "The Wandering Brownie Lady." She has started a business making gormet style brownies that she frequently brings to work to sell. Thats all nice when you need a chocolate fix, but when we are busy as shit with patients everywhere and she is.......? Who knows where? It was all I could do to string intelligible sentances together and not strangle every needy motherfucker that came to the desk.

After a teeny nap (my 30 min lunch break, of course), I was still filterless but in a slightly better mood. Maybe I need to try to get a little more sleep next time!


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