Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Trauma, Drama

Hmmm.. glad last night is over. Were busy.... not terrible, but steady busy. The trauma nurse last night was a little hyper for me. He is a very smart guy, but DAMN does he thrive on trauma. Let me tell you... I am so not into drama.

Was up in Surgery Trauma ICU for a little while last night. Saw my jet-ski guy. He is still intubated, mom was at the bedside. I don't know if she recognized me. Didn't say anything, didn't want to upset her. So people were trying to be sick as shit last night. The medical ER had a code come in... geezer squeezer going and everything. (geezer squeezer=Autopulse. Google it) I love that thing. All the while a psych patient was in the room next door screaming. I'll bet hearing some old lady die really helped her psychosis. So then we got another old lady in respiratory distress. Tube, foley, drugs. No problem.

No big rants to go on today. Am sleepy, hungry and ready to go to bed. Oh, I did see the last guy that I dated before I met my fiancee. When you work in medicine your "dating pool" can become limited. Medics, firefighters, cops, docs. Thats about the extent of my adult dating life. Firefighters in particular. They are everywhere and are the "fun guys" to hang out with. Never expect anything serious, but you will have a good time. Personally I am completely in love with my cop thank you very much!

Women are trouble. Remember that next time you are up shit creek. A woman probably put you there. (I'm a woman... I can say this)


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