Thursday, July 27, 2006

Playing Hooky

I had every intention of calling out last night. I was OVER work. Needed a mental health day in the sun. Maybe road trip to the beach for dinner, have some wine on the porch with the new fire pit. RIIIIGGGGHHHTTT... Didn't happen. The cop got home after I did and saw that the alarm was set for 2pm (I have to call before 5 if I call in) so he changed it to 515. So when I woke up it was too late to call in. SHIT!!!

So I carried my tired ass back to the ER. Was in the trauma room... again. I can honestly say that I (almost) didn't do a damn thing. I had a nice guy wreck his car because he was upset his girl was cheating on him. He had a head bleed and free fluid in his belly. The only other trauma I had was not a brain surgeon. He was leaving the store and '2 dudes' came up and tried to rob him. He told the dudes that they would have to shoot them... so they did! What a moron. He went to the OR shortly thereafter.

The highlight of my night was a phone call that I picked up at 630. It was a psych patient calling from the next city over. She was in the locked psych unit in the hospital there. She wanted a boot for her broken foot since she wasn't allowed to have her crutches or a wheelchair. She was very slurred and manic on the phone. I asked her to get the nurse and she gave me the phone number instead. I was bored so I called back. The nurse answered the phone, I gave her the patient's name and what she was telling me. The nurse's answer "we are taking her phone away from her right now." I laughed my ass off!!!

Off for 3 days, gonna sleep, go to the mountains with my family, float in a tube with the dog and drink wine. Sounds like a plan to me.


Blogger Izzy said...

I hope you wacked cop upside the head after changing the alarm. If my man did something like that... I swear he'd never hear the end of it for the next day.

I gald to hear that you have the next three days off... from what I hear you deserve it. My cousin is a paramedic and I swear if she doesn't take time off she gets a bit nutty.

7:18 PM  

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