Tuesday, August 01, 2006


So I got NO sleep yesterday. I woke to the alarm at 1730 saying "what the fuck?!?!?!" Staggered out of bed, into the shower and dressed with no real issues other than my foul mood. The cop picked up on it right away and was able to stay on the good side. Before he dropped me off at the ER he said he hoped I didn't kill anyone tonight.... not a comment on my nursing care. He was worried I would pummel someone with a chair. Trust me, I would have if given the opportunity. Fortunately, all of my patients were very nice and easy to take care of. I didn't kill a single one!

There was a family that we were all gunning for though. We see all kinds of nationalities around here. Last night one of the nurses had an EXTREMELY large Muslim man with his 2 wives come in C/O being 'Lethargic.' I have seldom seen a family treat the staff so badly. They were both rude and demanding... and irrational to boot. This guy needed a special bed for his big ass, and had MRSA in his butt wound so he had to go to a private room... but had to be on stepdown which is right below ICU level care. Those beds are hard to come by. So we got him a big boy bed, got his as comfy as we could and settled in to wait.

The older wife stated loud and clear that the reason we weren't giving him a bed was that they were black and Muslim and she would have us all fired for discrimination. I found out later that a child (about 7) was with his mom in the waiting room and saw these two women. They were both covered from head to toe with just eyes visible.... so the kid was staring. I bet he had never seen that before. This woman preceded to approach this kid, get in his face and swear at the child in front of the entire waiting room.

Ok, I am all for freedom of religion and civil rights. We take care of ALL people in my department... without exception. So while you play the discrimination card on us I will play my 'Freedom To Kick Your Ass' card.


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