Monday, July 31, 2006


So I finally got the hell outta town. Packed up the jeep and the dog, kissed the cop and hit the road. There is a commercial for satellite tv that talks about always playing the perfect song for the situation. I can't say always here, but as I drove through podunk USA the radio piped up with 'If You're Going Through Hell....' and then when I turned off the paved road it turned into 'A Country Boy Can Survive'. SO... the cabin on the river turned out to be a double wide.... with a nest of pissed off hornets that chased Maddux and I back into the jeep. We waited there for my sister who had the keys.

All in all it wasn't a bad trip... no cell service, no shower curtain, no cable or computer. Just my family and the dogs. We put in the river at 1030 Sat morning and floated downstream for about 3-4 hours. That water was FUCKING COLD. I chose the inner tube vs the kayak and now have bruises on my ass from it hitting the rocks.

I left at noon yesterday with every intention of coming up with a decent excuse to call in last night. I was still itching to call in and get some well-needed sleep. I made it onto the interstate and was kicking ass in cruise control when everything came to a grinding stop... and stayed that way for an hour and a half. Obviously was an accident, but didn't realize how bad until one of these babies buzzed us.....

This is NOT the real aircraft..... it was orange and blue... but ut was this style. This is an EC 135, similar to what they fly from my hospital. The helicopter that landed I think was from the next trauma center over. I'm a dork... I know that, but I LOVE these things. I can't wait to get a flight job. Anyway, as it was landing I called work and told them I had no idea how long I was going to be on the side of the highway. The CC working actually gave me some shit about why I couldn't get in by 11. At this point it was 245pm, I was still 2 hours out and showed no sign of moving. The do was so good, peed on the guardrail, drank his water and didn't try to eat the stupid people who were walking up and down the roadway.

Finally got home at 530 and was eating dinner when my mom called. Her OLD Jeep was overheated at the exit where the accident was hours before. UGH... the cop and I got in the car and drove back up and over the mountain to get her. They fixed the jeep and I held onto the old cocker spaniel praying that he wouldn't die on me. Work had the never to call me at 930 to see if I could make it in by 11. Grrrrr..... not the time or place. I can't even play hooky and enjoy it!!!

So am home, still tired, but have too much shit to do before I go back in to work tonight. Have to get ready to go to Buffett this week... and then DC afterwards. I don't know that I can do any more time in the car yet. My butt still hurts.


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