Monday, July 24, 2006

Go Cubs Go!!!!

I've been a bit slack over the past few days. Haven't been getting the sleep I need... and it doesn't help that the cop has started snoring like a mother fucker. Everyone down here has that nasty sinus thing, so I buy the breathe right strips and try to get to bed before him!!!

An update, my nasty sexual assault case from the other day has a good ending. The restaurant and the police were able to pull up security tapes, get the logo off this guy's shirt (dumbass was wearing a work shirt) and tracked him through his job. He was found with the victims car in Philly. They are waiting to extradite him now. I CAN'T WAIT to get that subpoena!!! This guy is gonna get decades in jail!!!

So Friday night was very very green. Steady busy with no letting up. We were joking that I was running my own ICU down there. I sent one to MRICU (medical respiratory), one to CICU (cardiac ) and one to NSICU (neuro science.... my future home). This last guy was fucked up. Did cocaine, had himself a big ole head bleed. Family took him to some community hospital where they scanned his head and belly. Not just a big bleed (ventricles AND brainstem) but a AAA (abdominal aortic aneurysm... BAD). What a was to go out. We were humming that Clapton song 'Cocaine' all night.

So I've mentioned that night shifters are a little on the mischievous side. One of our medics brought in his new favorite toy. It was a remote controlled fart machine. You put the speaker near someone... in a box of gloves, your back pocket, somewhere good....back off and start hitting the button. People really do freak out, esp when you blame them for the noise. We did it to cops, medics, patients, was too fucking funny. We take the laughs when we can get 'em.

Road trip yesterday was to DC. Family outing to the Nats/Cubs game at RFK. We got some dirty looks from the DC crowd (hey, its not my fault the Nats suck). We sat with my grandparents aunts/uncle behind him plate... but under the cover so we couldn't see shit. Not that there was much to miss. I love my Cubbies, but they were stinking up the place yesterday. The beer was good, the hot dogs were not. The highlight of my day was the whole stadium of Cubs fans (myself included) singing 'Lets Go Cubbies' and getting booed. So the experience left something to be desired. Made me miss Wrigley and the 'Go Cubs Go' at the 7th inning stretch.

The traffic was terrible, but no big surprise. Anyone know why the hell DC, N. VA and Maryland drivers STOP on the highway at every exit ramp??? I'm sure we'll get another chance to find out when we are back up there in a couple of weeks for Buffett.

As I mentioned earlier, I'm going to be leaving the ED in the end of August for the NSICU. I will still work in the ED hourly... Probably about 12-24 hours a week. Thats going to be my wedding/Honeymoon money. The move is strictly career oriented. I want to be a flight nurse, and must have ICU experience to do so. The reason I chose neuro was because the group is smart, works together and all in all is the best atmosphere to learn in. Plus the nurse manager is a rock star.... nice, friendly and used to work night shift. What can I say.... she gets me. The only downside DUM DA DUM...... is that Lurch is doing the same thing. Ugh..... he makes me nuts. Fortunately, he will work days and probably weekends only per his admission. So I could see him about every third weekend. We'll see how that goes.

Back in trauma tomorrow.....the flight MD saw me the other night in there. Told me later that I was 'in my element' Nice compliment.


Blogger wil said...

Anyone know why the hell DC, N. VA and Maryland drivers STOP on the highway at every exit ramp???

Because they are slow readers?

"Gertrude. What did dat dere sign say?"


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