Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Another night

Unfortunately, the stories from the ICU don't even compare to the ones that I have from the ER. What can I say.... it is both routine and (in my humble opinion) DULL. I'm back in the ER tonight, THANK GOD, so I hope to have some good things to talk about later.

Things are still going in the ICU. My preceptor is bound and determined to make a critical care nurse out of me yet. I don't think she sees the dazed expression on my face when she starts to talk about the stuff we have been doing downstairs for years. One of the other nurses was watching and told me later that she could tell I was getting frustrated. I really wish I was doing more Neuro stuff and not just being taught 'how to be a nurse.' I wish she would just come downstairs and shadow for a shift.... I think it would open her eyes..... and probably scare the shit out of her.

SO I had 2 patients last night (2, thats all.... no 16 traumas.... no drunks, 2 whole patients) the first was nice, quiet and slept most of the night. The second was a little old man (I called him my turnip) with a head bleed. I got him straight from the OR, which was at least something fun to do. He was opening his eyes for me by the end of the shift.... but is still a pretty sick guy.

The cop can tell I'm not happy. I know its hard for him to see me like that. He has been going above and beyond at home just to make sure that I am happy. I have to keep telling myself that this IS going to be worth it soon.


Anonymous Izzy said...

I really hope it picks up for you. Give it till the end of the month and see what happens... and if it still isn't working out, perhaps its better to go back to the ER.

It's better to love the work you do then to sacrifice your mental wellbeing.

8:08 PM  
Blogger CharterJames said...

So in the ER, if I understand correctly, you do quick response, damage control. You are the front line so to speak with the adrenaline that goes with it. But you don't see serious recovery. What's involve with that. In ICU, that's what you get to experience? The actual turn around. The actual painful beginning of the road?

I remember I once shared a flat for awhile with four nurses. Just me and the nurses. One did private care. Private care meant, usually, watching death. Boring perhaps, but she found meaning and wisdom there. Being the one to experience someones last words in the dark of morning,...or the last breath of a young girl just as mornings rays reach her bedside.

8:26 AM  

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