Friday, September 15, 2006

ICU stuff

SO last night was better....I guess I have proved that I can make it through a shift by myself without killing anyone. I pretty much got to do my own thing. Ummm.... ok, I do have a contender for the Darwin Awards for ya'll. 18 year old female hanging out with her boyfriend. Not sure where they were going, but they decided to try to "beat the train" Ummmmmm..... what the fuck?!?!? So the stupid it bitch got hit by a freaking slow moving train. Her boyfriend was fine, she broke almost every bone in her back. Even better, she kept wanting to sit up. The way her fractures were she could have easliy severed her spinal cord and made herself a paraplegic.

The whole time I kept thinking "I sure hope you were high as shit when you did that." 'Cause if she did that sober then she is even a dumber bitch than thought.

So I am going to stick it out in the ICU. As much as I am miserable I know I can suck it up. My goal is to be a flight nurse. I would get more autonomy and be able to work traumas at the scene. In a sense I would really be the front line of care for sick as shit patients. Most flight nurses can put in breathing tubes, central lines, some can put in chest tubes and they can do a surgical airway (think Father Mulcahy from MASH). In order to fly you really have to have a combination of ER and ICU experience.

In the ICU you are supposedly using the invasive monitors, fancy medicine drips and following the patients more closely. You are supposed to be able to recognize when a patient is going down the tubes and know the appropriate interventions. Lately I've been thinking that maybe the Surgery-Trauma ICU would be more my style. I tried Neuro because it was more of a change and it would "broaden my view" Ugh... whatever. I'm just glad to be home.

Riding along with the cop tonight... actually with one of his buddies. Riding with him would be too much of a liability. I'm riding with one of the female officers, shes NUTS, so we should have a good time!


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