Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Forgive Me....

As I Rant

In the ER for a princess last night. Nothing big happened.... it was just fun and easy. God I miss that place. Stayed late to do competencies (prove to the administration and JCAHO that I'm not a moron) and met the cop near lockup to hang out for a sec. Ummm...ok, so that sounds like a "You Might Be Married To a Cop If....."
1) you catch up outside of lock-up
2)you ask where someone was shot and they give you an address
3) you have to check for a 'No Guns Allowed' sign before entering the jewelry store (they had one, so we didn't go in)

Anyway, I have a couple of things on my mind. First of all I am NOT drinking the water at work ever again. It seems that every nurse of childbearing age, and several that are on the cusp (IMHO) are getting knocked up! Everyone is due between now and May. Its scary.....its like the tsunami of pregnancy has overtaken the whole region. I'm swearing off anything but bottled water and coffee at work. I figure the wanted is inseminated and the coffee filter and a nice Starbucks blend can filter those little bastards out! Even the cops friend has knocked up his girlfriend. Was I the only one who paid attention in middle school you guys?!?!? WEAR A FREAKING CONDOM!!!!! Whewwwww....... I feel a little better. So not ready for that drama yet.

So, I'm the oldest grandchild on both sides of my family. My cousin on my moms side is in his early 20's (24 maybe) and has already been married, divorced, knocked up his girlfriend (see a trend here) and is now married again. His sister (I think she's 21) is getting married in a couple of weeks. WEAR A CONDOM!!!! She dropped out of school and I think has a part time job. Not sure what her fiancee does, but its obviously not something that made an impression. So, she's getting married. I'm not going to the wedding... have other plans. But have every intention of sending the "previously requested on the registry" gift. So I check out the registry. HOLY SHIT!!!?!?!?!? For a pair that doesn't make shit for money I see they have no problems scanning stuff that I wouldn't even buy for myself!

There is an under-the-counter TV/DVD player, XBOX accessories, a mirror that costs almost as much as my car payment and all kinds of other shit. Ummmm..... I know that what you get has little affect on 'Happily Ever After' but DAMN. I have a real job, a real house and a very real mortgage and wouldn't dare ask my friends and family to go so over the top. Looks like towels and measuring cups are all they are getting from this old cynic. Enjoy..... But I wonder... if I get the TV/DVD player and they divorce in a year do you think I could petition to get it back??? Just wondering.

Done ranting for a while. In the ICU tonight. Ugh. Back in the ER with my peeps on Wednesday.


Blogger moonrose2u said...

the 'don't drink the water thing has been going round and round in cycles for years...thank god, i am over that stage...but honestly, I haven't drunk the water at work in years...Its' brown, yucky, and tasts bad. I feel sorry for the poor pts who have to drink it...Even coming out of a filter machine, its nasty...

I think I remember doing some study in micro years ago about what is cultured from one of those filtered water machines.....
I carry my own to work now...:)

BTW, I get pissed off too at alot of stuff that normally doesn't get to people...just the way we're made and add to that a type A personality.

11:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hiya jeepgirl!!

OMG... I wouldn't drink the water either if that was the case... THANK GOD for birth control pills.

9:11 PM  
Anonymous Mary Lu said...

Instead of buying them "something" get em' a gift card from Wallyworld or Target and put it in a nice card and envelope. That way they can use it to pay for the toliet paper and other necessary household items they won't be able to afford after the wedding.


8:18 PM  

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