Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I'm Back

So the computer drama continues. Now the ants, which have been running wild in the kitchen have gotten into (?) the laptop... and it is acting like it is possessed. The blog and all the freaking emails I have have been banished to the desktop in the back bedroom with was cool when it came out 5 years ago, but now is just like the '67 VW Beetle you just hope starts. I would be able to post from work... if I was in the ER, but I have found that more than just a little surfing is frowned upon in the ICU.

So I officially have 3 more days of orientation before I am on my own as an ICU nurse. The other night I had it down to hours and minutes. I'm just over being babysat. I worked in the ER last night... and the difference in atmosphere is amazing. They just seem to have so much more FUN with what they do. They are nowhere near as intense as the ICU peeps, and the time goes so much faster. One of my girlfriends is pregnant with her first child, so we played with the ultrasound last night. I got called a "punta" by a sweet hispanic guy who got his ass beat by his brother-in-law... and then he headbutted the special ops guy who was holding him down.

Going to a wedding in Colonial Williamsburg this weekend. Sounds a bit fancy, but it will be nice to get away for a while. The couple is leaving for Maui on Monday morning.... god I'm jealous. I really need a vacation!


Blogger wil said...

The couple is leaving for Maui on Monday morning....


Maybe they'll run into someone you know.

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