Saturday, October 14, 2006

ICU Drama Drama Drama

So I'm off of orientation in the ICU. My first night rocked... I was loving life. I got to do what the fuck I wanted to do with my patients. My former preceptor was on the other side of the unit stirring up drama or whatever the hell else she does. My second night pretty much blew. I had 2 completely dependent patients and couldn't get anyone to even help me turn or boost them up in bed.

Lets put this in perspective. I'm 5'0, strong from the ER, but by no means a body builder. To move an intubated, ventric'd (brain catheter) patient without a right bone flap (they take the bone out over the right front of the head and staple the skin back up..... allows for swelling) is a daunting task... Especially alone. Plus its not safe. I swear I asked everyone to help and they were "just too busy." I was pissed. Believe me, thats coming up when I talk to my nurse manager.

Having other drama up there as well. It appears that my former babysitter/preceptor has written up one of the medics from the ER. The reason.... she visits and calls me and that interfered with my ability to do work. All explanation aside, it really seems like a witch hunt in my mind. What angers me the most is that nobody in the ICU said anything to me about this. This is the first I have heard of it. So now what the fuck to do? As the FNG I don't want to stir the pot too much and destroy my career, but at the same time this is bullshit. Not only is this a friend, this is a coworker and a damn good medic.

Went out with the "girls" last night. Their take was "tell em fuck you and come back to the ER" God I wish it was that easy. I would never get a flight job if I did that. Plus, if all this drama wasn't fun enough.. .it appears that Lurch now wants to work nights. I don't get it. He has NEVER worked nights...... and now he is just signing up. Trust me, if my ass gets bumped to days there will be some serious shit going on.

OK, I'm sorry to have gone off on such a personal rant...... just have had a lot on my mind this week and very little energy to express it. Am off for 3 whole days. Haven't had this much time off in a row since I started in the ICU. Had s'mores and wine by the bonfire last night when I got home. I must say, the cop does spoil me. It turns out that Maddux loves s'mores too.....just without the chocolate.

I'll be in the the ER 3 days this coming week. I can't wait. It will be such a nice change.


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