Sunday, September 13, 2009

Eyes, Ears, Mouth and Nose

Yup.... thats exactly where the septic patients vomit went. Mouth open (EWWW), glasses on (thank God). Vomit all over me. Gastrocult positive, MRSA confirmed. I brushed, rinsed with peroxide and changed my scrubs. I wanted to gargle with bleach but that wasn't exactly recommended by the dr. I also stuck my bare hand into a puddle of still warm urine and had yet another patient vomit on my arm. ** This last one was a bachelorette party gone awry. The MOB and groom were unthrilled that the bride got that shit faced!

Last night sucked ass. Can you tell? Any time you but 100,000 drunken partiers together with an urban environment, a warm day and a Saturday night you know you are royally fucked. I also have a big belief in the radio on the way to work. A little Marley and Buffett, things are mellow and chill. Last night was "Highway to Hell" and "Its the End of the World As We Know It." The green mile was not the place to be... thats for damn sure.
I didn't make it into the trauma room, but the notables were...

*T-bone MVC trauma code. The driver was HIGH and had neat, individually packaged pouches of "baking soda for my teeth" in his pocket
*Dude man who was robbed and then throat slit ear to ear. DAMN!
*House fire, 60% third degree burn

WTF?!?!!? I am soo very happy to be home. Trying to decide between food and sleep. I think sleep is winning!


Blogger battynurse said...

Ewww. Yuck. Sounds like a hellish night. Hope the next ones are better.

12:57 PM  

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