Thursday, February 25, 2010

24.5557025, -81.7825914

12 more hours of hell on earth and I'm running away to the land of Mojo. I think she had a good thing going and I need to make a return pilgrimage. As much as I am looking for relaxation and a moment away, clarity and inspiration are on the agenda as well. There are questions that have not been answered and I'm waiting for them to work themselves out.

I have long seeded trust issues that I need to bury in the soft sand. I need to look at what is in front of me with unclouded eyes and make a decision. Either be happy with the current path, or get the fuck off it.

I hope that running away from home brings me closer to where I need to be as opposed to just a momentary break from reality. Will see what is on the flip side.

Mahalo nui loa


Blogger battynurse said...

Have fun in the sand and I hope you get that clarity.

2:07 AM  

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