Thursday, April 20, 2006

the docs

I had the biggest punk in the trauma room last night. 18 years old, drunk as hell (3 times legal) on the road into a tree. I hate when drunks act stupid, but this kid was clinging to the story that he only had 2 beers (just how big were those beers buddy?)and the road was curvy. Mom was a nurse and sooo sooo worried about her little boy who is always a cautious driver.

Had to work with one of my least favorite doctors last night. Actually, come to think of it.. he IS my least favorite doc. We'll call him Dr Tox. Doc Tox is an ED doc that actually mostly does toxicology. He is also WAAAYYY out of the closet (not that we have an issue with that... it is 2006) but he is bordering on a little too far. Lets say your mom/dad/etc etc is having a big heart attack or other such medical emergency and your attending has a tongue stud??? Doc Tox is also prone to making really bad treatment decisions. I think my worst night was when Doc Tox and Dr Rock were in the trauma room together. Lets just say that their egos ended up getting a hole cut in a patients throat that really didn't need to be there. So put up with the fairy tonight. When he acts up we tell him that he doesn't get to be the diva tonight. I think it pisses him off.

One of my favorite residents left today. His program finished early because he did some time in surgery first. I hate when these guys leave. Its like having a kid leave. We watch them grow through their medical experience and become strong docs... and then they go away! Its so sad. This class is really going to get me because I don't think there is one that we are ready to let go. The last few have had some folks that I could care less about... but these guys are great. I will miss them all. I know that if I ever want to go work with any of them wherever they may go all I have to do is call and I will have a job. I should really get one of them to work in the Keys. Hmmmm.....

Am off for a few days. Thank god! Have a ton to do around here and could use a break from this place.

Don't skip dialysis. that is BAD. Take your blood pressure meds. A dissecting AAA is even worse.


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