Sunday, July 02, 2006


TO ME!!! Yes, its my birthday. Actually its more like it was yesterday...(so today should be great too!). My cop was so funny. He had all of my presents but couldn't wait to give them to me. His *big* present for me was a silver chain with a St Michael's badge on it. Unless you have a loved one who in law enforcement (or you are yourself) its hard to explain how much that means. Yesterday we went shopping (sales sales sales) and then my friend K invited us to the pool. I think we freaked some soccer moms out with our poolside conversation. Oh well... they can get over it. Shit happens... as they say.

After we got slightly crispy around the edges (ok, I look like Rudolph) we went to dinner with one of my sisters and some people from work. Great italian restaurant, the kind of place you would expect to see Sinatra in the corner. They play great music too. So had a great martini and just enjoyed having most of my peeps there.

Not sure what the cop has planned for today. I woke up early and am watching CMT and looking at the gorgeous roses he got me. (again, couldn't wait til today to give them) I must say, I have my family, friends, my cop, a great job and a dog that wakes me with his snoring. I really can't ask for much more. I've told people, I'm very lucky.... but I know that and don't take it for granted.

Oh Crap!! I forgot to mention... yesterday we were almost in 2 accidents and the cop got in a fight (off duty!) We were on the way to the pool and grandpa in a big ass gold caddie ran a red light and made a left turn right in front of us. (I doubt the jeep would have fared well against a Cadillac). Same trip, some beaner (thank you Carlos Mencia) ran a stop sign in front of us. By then the cop was about ready to chase him down and cuff him himself!

So when I was getting ready for dinner the cop was at Target and had to help security wrestle a shoplifter! Apparently homes was trying to walk out with CD's, toner cartridges and who knows what else. He told security he had a gun. (but then my cop did too) After a struggle they got him cuffed. Later the cop told me he wanted to put the gun to the asshole's head and say 'Don't move motherfucker or I'll put 13 rounds in your head!' Ummm... not exactly the phone call I was looking to get!!! He ended up bleeding from both knees, elbow and toes. (he was wearing shorts and flip flops... not exactly city-issued uniform!)

ok, I'm going to go wake up the cop and convince him to take me to breakfast. Shouldn't be hard. :)

Appreciate what you have guys. It can be gone in a flash... I see it all the time


Blogger wil said...

Best wishes and many happy returns.


12:01 PM  
Blogger CharterJames said...

Happy B'day. I read throught your entire blog tonight. Great stuff. I'm hooked.

1:46 AM  
Blogger wil said...


Tell The Cop that the proper line is:

"Go ahead. Make my day."


4:30 AM  
Blogger shayla said...

Happy birthday, hon. Though belated. You share the same b-day as my father did, though 72 years too late.

Sometimes in the muddle of things we forget just how lucky we really are.

One of the lucky ones,


2:14 PM  

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