Saturday, June 24, 2006

Old Ladies Screaming

There are nights when I just say "what the hell am I doing?" Last night was one of them. I love nursing, its in my blood and I know that. I walked in to green last night and there were people everywhere. Usually we can count on being busy until about 1am and then things start to settle down. I don't think we were able to sit down until almost 530 this morning. At one point I started feeling like a robot... so task oriented that I wasn't able to help my patients. I was just following orders.

I can't blame poor staff or the docs on this one. We had a great, hardworking group that just got hammered left and right. A couple of my cops friends brought a drunk in. He got stupid, got sprayed and when the ambulance showed up he told them to fuck off. OK, well just take him to lockup. There is a condition that is spread when assholes approach the doors to lockup... they get short of breath, chest pain, anything to get them out of jail for a little longer. This fucker got there and decided that he wanted his eyes rinsed and he was short of breath and his back hurt. When he finally got to me, his only complaint was that the cops took all his money. He started screaming and swearing. One of my favorite docs was the attending. I think I have seen her yell about 3 times in the 4 years that I have known her. She let him have it and then told him to get the hell out of her ER. I wish I had that on tape!

Oh, I have some very bad news. It seems that all the complaining that we did about Dr Rock was pointless. He is going to be a chief this year. Which pretty much means that he will be the (almost) final word when it comes to management of trauma patients. The trauma attending and ed attending will be able to veto him. If we have strong attendings, then things will be ok. I don't have my hopes up. The up side is that he won't be on trauma all the time. He shares the chief role with about 3 others.

I have to get some sleep. I decided to go in tonight and make some extra money for the wedding/honeymoon. Nursing doesn't pay that great, but there is overtime to be had everywhere you look.


Blogger wil said...

It seems that all the complaining that we did about Dr Rock was pointless. He is going to be a chief this year.

Those who can - DO

Those who can't - TEACH

Those who can't teach - ADMINISTRATE

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