Monday, June 19, 2006

GSW and soccer girls

What a night... I was in green, started out busy as hell and stayed that way. Theres some bad heroin out there now. We had a couple of bad OD's last night. Had to work with Lurch, the male nurse that I just don't like. He makes me so nuts. Anyway, occasionally we get people with orthopedic injuries that we have to set in the room. We do a procedure called conscious sedation with them. We give them just enough pain and sedation meds to make them sleepy, but not so much that they need to be intubated. Theres a fine line.

I had a girl about my age who broke her wrist playing soccer. When we went to do her sedation she started talking like crazy! (some people act drunk as hell when they get these meds) She was killing me. I got to hear details about her fiancee, her family in the midwest and all kinds of other stuff. One of my favorites was "this stuff is fucking fabulous" and "honey my butt itches.... can you fix that?" She was a riot.

So... finally..... I got pulled into there trauma room for a gsw to the back. He coded enroute. They were coding the shit out of him when he came in. They cracked him right there. The weird part was there was no injury in the chest. His chest was completely atraumatic. It looks like he hit a vessel in the belly and just bled out. Hid heart was empty when we got to it. I even had to get out the internal paddles in case we were gonnna shock him. My cop was pissed because he wasn't there to watch. He can't stand blood in most cases but seems to think he can watch a thorocotomy!!!

I had a man with a sinus infection that sat in the waiting room for about 10 hours. When we were doing his discharge he started threatening both myself and the resident. The cops had to haul his ass out!!!!

I'm going to try and get some sleep. (lol try. I'll be out in 2 seconds!)

Any sentence that starts with "I was just minding my business..." is probably going to be bullshit!


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Just put your head on the pillow and count backwards from ten.


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