Sunday, June 25, 2006


There is a song by Brad Paisley about this very subject. It talks about all the stupid things that alcohol makes us do. At no point in that song does in mention getting shit faced drunk and being a trauma team alert.

I figured that after my crappy night on Friday, the Karma Gods would grant me a pardon for tonight's festivities. It wasn't terrible. 4 traumas... That's lightweight for me, especially for a summer Saturday night. No GSW's, almost all drunk assholes.

Thus the topic of today's post.

#1 Decided to get on the moped, drink a beer while driving it on a curvy back road, lost control and hit a metal mailbox. Open femur fracture (bone sticking through skin). He was a 4 time loser. Didn't even have a license anymore. His comment to me. "At least I was wearing a helmet" Touche' my friend.

#2 Out at 'Da Club' drinking with his boys. Picked a fight with the wrong guy. Got sucker punched in the face. Went backwards, hit his head on concrete. Bought himself the asshole tube. On CT he has a subdural bleed and a skull fracture.

#3 What a bitch. Young girl got shitfaced with girlfriends at a local Mexican restaurant. Too many margaritas. When the time came to leave she walked on out and didn't look both ways (we learn that in kindergarten sweetie) and got plowed by a car. Her shoulder went through the windshield. Lots of fractures. I try to be nice to most of these patients. She was evil. Smartass, rude. Graduate of THE University. Just like every other girl I went to high school with. Ugh.

People wonder why I don't go out to the city.


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