Sunday, June 18, 2006


Today was a hard day anyway. My littlest sister (I'm the oldest of three) graduated from high school. While we were watching her walking across the stage and I was (tear) feeling so proud, I realized... I was there 10 years ago, and my reunion is coming up. Not sure if I'm gonna go yet. I was both quiet and shy im high school and am not interested in seeing most of those people again.

After the post graduation shindig at my house, I grabbed a 3 hour nap and woke just in time to make it to work... but NOT in time to make it to Starbucks. There were a bunch of shootings the previous night, so I expected thing night to be nuts. But DAMN...

In my career here I have a couple of records. Most dead in one night (5, all but one under 20) and most traumas in a 12 hour period. Before tonight the record was 15. After tonight... 16.

I wouldn't even say they were all in a 12 hour period. They started at 8pm and continued until a little after 3. So 16 traumas in about 7 hours. Yeah, that was painful. However, after tonight my definition of painful has changed.

We had a professional bull rider come in tonight. 25 year old kid was thrown from the bull (it happens) and landed on hands and knees. As he was trying to get away from the bull it came from behind and gored him in the ass. When I say ass.... I mean IN THE ASS. The horn went right up the guys butt. OUCH!!! One ting I have learned about cowboys, they seldom complain. Its 'yes, mam... no mam, sorry to be a bother mam.' Plus they are all so damn cute!!!

Whoops, number 17...

****12 hours later****
that last trauma light ended up not being a real trauma. Had my heart going there for a minute. SO I made it out alive. Thank god. I was worried there for a few minutes. I should have known my night was gone be bad. There was a police officer in the trauma room when I got there. He was chasing a bad guy and when he caught him they got to wrestling. The bad guy pushed the officer backwards through a plate glass window. (note... if given the option always go backwards vs forwards... it doesn't expose the large vessels in your hands and arms as much!) The officer was ok. Needed LOTS of stitches, but went home. I met both the chief and assistant chief of police this time. They were nice, joking but the chief didn't look so comfortable with the blood. I had him back up, can't have another DFO situation. (DFO= Done Fell Out, southern expression)

Lets see, what else was there? I had 2 jumpers. Yes, jumpers are falling from everywhere these days. It seems that they didn't get the memo that I put out. 2 stories doesn't count. There are plenty of high buildings with balconies around here. How bout you go there and save me some time. There were a bunch of accidents also, so many that I can't remember details. I just remember being exhausted.

So back again tonight. Then I get one whole day off. WOW, this working like a dog thing is GRRREAT!

Plate glass window..... always go backwards!!!


Blogger wil said...

Glad to hear the officer was, basically, okay.

In a comment you made at my blog you used the word COMMONWEALTH, which narrows your location down to MA, KY, PA and VA. I am guessing that it is probably VA.

Chief of Police couldn't handle the sight of blood?? Thats funny.

2:29 AM  
Blogger shayla said...

I'll keep that in mind, thank you.

Unable to stand the sight of blood. Ha. I was at a site where there was a lot of security for a while. Men with fatigues, flak jackets, guns, the whole works. One of them had some blood testing as part of his yearly physical.

He came in right off his job, still in full gear, including the damned gun on his hip (did i mention that i hate guns?). So here i'm nervy just being near that gun, but don't let it show. Just picked up the tourniquet & reached for his arm, hadn't even touched him yet.

"I can't do this, I CANNOT do this"

And with that he was up & out of the chair before i could even get his paperwork back in his hand.

I still laugh about that one. It's always the big burly ones that are squeamish, isn't it?


4:56 PM  

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