Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Out of the frying pan.....

Still not feeling 100%, but sucked it up enough to get up and go to the ICU tonight. I was all about getting my last 2 shifts over and done with, until I got there and saw that I wasn't even scheduled! FUCK! I hate that! So I decided to go downstairs to the ED to see if they had any holes. Unfortunately, they didn't. They did have a newly checked off nurse in the trauma and wanted some "experience" in there to back her up! Hell yes I can do that! (at least for 4 hours.... then I'm peacin' out and going home!)

How is it that 4 hours in the trauma room is more fun and brings more stories than weeks in the ICU?!?!?

-Had a drunk rollover..... she only had "two doubles" got to teach how to do a blood draw. This bitch was CRAZY! She had the crazy eyes and everything. I asked her several times what else she was on. She denied everything, but I'm sure her urine tox will tell the tale!

-A twenty-something guy got hit over the head with an unknown object. So he proceeds to run 22 blocks home to mommas house. When he lost feeling in his leg he waited another hour and a half to call 911. By that time he had NO feeling in his leg at all. He was waiting for an MRI.

-40 something was running around his house with eggs in a frying pan. Then his heart started beating fast. Uh huh, fast is right....240 is pretty fast! We went to do his ekg and line and he was very anxious, jumping around and asking if he could go now. Oh, and the Audrey Hepburn sunglasses that he wouldn't take off. He was very very classically paranoid schizophrenic. It took a bit to get his rate down. CCU is going to LOVE him!

So the girl I was "backing up" was leaving at 11, as was I. Our relief was waiting to give report to a chronically late nurse so I sent her on home with the promise that with my black cloud, the night was FAR from over. She laughed and took off. 5 minutes later dad runs in with a 6 year old in his arms. Poor baby was at his house when it caught fire. He was burned to both arms and his face. I took the "friend" position while the pedes staff got his IV's in and medicated him. We became buddies, even though he was obviously in a great deal of pain. I kept telling him that he was brave and that we were all so proud. He knew his name and address, his family members and their ages. When asked his phone number he replied "why, my phone is all burned up?" Touche' buddy.

When I left, firefighters were still trying to find out if the rest of his family got out of the house. There was a mom, an infant and a 2 year old still unaccounted for. My 6 year old friend was intubated and (as I promised) sleeping through the pain and having good dreams.

I still love the ER, and I will miss it. I won't miss the ICU though!

A couple of updates:

The kid whose dad was reading to him died today. His family withdrew care and donated his organs. His aunt received a kidney... and the rest went to other patients in need.

Farmer McDonald is in rehab and going home on Friday. He is walking with a walker. I'm going to visit his Thursday morning on my way home.


Blogger Paradise Driver said...

The "fried egg" guy sounds like EXTACY

Let us know about the little boy, and family, if you get any info.

Kids were the only ones who could get to me.

4:29 AM  
Blogger shari said...

I absolutely LOVE your style. I feel like I'm sitting at the desk bullshitting with my nurses. I'm a clerk at a completely fucked up ghetto fabulous children's hospital run by delusional ass-kissing morons. I take damn good care of my nurses :) (I had to laugh at your description of Lazy Ass Troll - we have one just like her only ours comes with rotted stubs for teeth...)

So here we go... congrats on getting married :)) and getting your flight job. I will always keep The Dick in my best stay-safe thoughts. YOU are an absolute doll, warm, human, genuine, and you sound sharp as they come sister.

I'm sad that I've gotten current with your writing, it took me a few days but I've read the whole thing... so hurry! Write something! I'd even go for a Maddux post or something.

***ETA*** Oops I just remembered you're at your flight training, dammit. Best of luck!!

Do you do any other kind of writing...? You know, your stuff is VERY readable and really puts one in the moment.

XOXOX - Shari

11:38 PM  

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