Monday, November 26, 2007


So the day after Thanksgiving we had the "informal" new flight crew meeting. To be honest, I feel a touch over my head. The concerns that the guys with experience ask..... are way past where my thoughts are right now. They had heard of me, and knew I was a good bedside nurse, but have all acknowledged that the new folks are at the shallow end of a steep learning curve.

It didn't help that I got SICK the day after the meeting. Not food poisoning, but sore throat, earache, no energy always freezing cold, sick. The cop has gone out of his way to take care of me, and I have gone out of my way to call in sick to work! Not to mention that I still haven't had the energy to finish the paper I have due.

So as of now, I have a huge paper due, a smaller paper due, an online quiz a 3 hour charting power point for the flight job and 2 days left in the ICU. Plus, I get to pack and plan to be gone for 10 days. Ugh...


Blogger Paradise Driver said...

This is the point where "True Grit" comes into play.

Never say "never" and don't slack/back off.

The only one who can defeat you now is yourself.

Hang in there sweetheart.

11:11 PM  
Blogger NocturnalRN said...

Sorry to inform you that you have been TAGGED. Check out my post about being "it" and ya know, just do it when you get a chance. I see you are busy. Hope you feel better

6:01 AM  

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