Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Well the flight out here was long as shit. The weather fucked us all up so we ended up 1)late leaving home 2) late arriving in Detroit 3)hauling ass through the Detroit airport (or as I so eloquently put it, "drop balls and run like hell") and then sitting on the tarmac for over an hour. Two unfortunate souls in our party had luggage lost and we have to wrangle a 4 door car out of the Avis people. All of this boiled down to getting about 4 hours sleep before class ALL DAY LONG today. We talked about OB and Neuro (I am pretty well versed in both) so this was a good day to be tired.

My last night in the unit was a pain in the ass. I had a post-cardiac arrest patient who survived (wtf) with a normal neuro exam after being coded for 60 minutes, shocked twice and pronounced twice. Her major complaint? "I want some ice water."

..... get it yourself lady.

My other patient spoke zero english. No habla espanol either. She was from Pakistan and spoke some language that I had never heard of. We figured out that we both knew "pain" and "water". The rest was a blur. I may have told her she was pregnant with Jay Leno's baby for all I know. So when the time came I bailed with no fanfare. I just grabbed my shit and left. Ahhhhhh.... sweet relief.

SO things out west are going well. I don't feel out of place or in over my head. I miss maddux, my house and the cop most of all. He is living on pizza and vitamin water and probably forgetting to put the toilet seat down. The bachelor life is a beautiful thing. I think my mom might make him eat real food sometime while I'm gone.

No interesting stories from out here yet, but the trip is young. We are going to the Grand Canyon this weekend to ride donkeys. I want to send our base manager a picture asking which of us is the biggest ass!


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