Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Status Quo

PIG TRACH CLASS! Hours of fun for the entire family!

Sunset from the air

I worked in ED Wednesday night. We were on diversion so not much coming and going. I sat on 3 patients all night long. We only had one trauma, a young guy who was shot in the arm. Unfortnately his stepfather went nuts and took a big ass gun to this kid's mom, my patient and then himself. There was also a young girl (11?) who was able to get out of the house and hid in the woods. In the city this is not "unusual" however this took place in a neighborhood not far from where I grew up, out in the country. Thats fucked up, but crazy has no zip code.

I flew yesterday. One flight in 24 hours. Thats my status quo. So we flew a retired air force officer across the state from the military hospital to a transplant center. It was a LOOONNNGG flight! He may have been exposed to some inhaled substance that caused his lungs to shut down. I must say that the hospital he was transferred from was pristine. This is not somewhere that we normally fly to, so I was surprised to say the least. Our local VA Hospital is a fucking armpit and an insult to the folks that are treated there. This place looked clean, smelled clean (impossible for a hospital) and everyone was pleasant and helpful. If I lived closer I would work there as a civilian.

Its snowing now. You would think the fuckers in VA would understand that this is NOT a national emergency. I ran up to the store and you would think a fucking hurricaine was coming. People were cleaning off the shelves of milk, bread and eggs. Hmmm... maybe I shoud have grabbed some Corona while I still had the chance!


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