Sunday, January 13, 2008

Still Here

The schedule thing is bizarre so I haven't been posting as I should. Oh well, as Wil says, "Feces Occurs."

Have flown some pretty decent traumas, but nothing that even approaches my top 10. The closest was a forty-something guy who was driving a (small) car that was hit by a dump truck. It was a pretty impressive scene, especially from 1,000 ft. We had to land in a field and wait for fire to finish cutting he and his wife out of the car. When we got him he was that nasty grey-white color and both legs were shaped like the letter S. (for all of you non-medical folks... thats FUCKED UP!) We didn't intubate him, but gave him beaucoup pain meds and a shitload of Jet A. I mashed on his chest and belly and didn't get so much as an ouch. He was stable, just looked like shit on a stick. We dropped him at the trauma center (not mine) and that was that. We found out later that his insides were completely smashed. Liver, spleen, kidneys all shot to shit, his legs were the least of his problems. (at least this explains his color) Last I heard his family was being called to take him off of life support.

My last patient was 3 weeks old with a congenital cardiac abnormality. If we left her alone she was ok (sort of) but if we did anything with her, like try to start an IV, she would 1) scream like hell and 2) drop her O2 saturations to 60 and turn blue. Let me tell you, there is nothing like calculating resuscitation drugs for a 3 weeker at 1200ft enroute to the hospital. She made it to the PICU ok, but will probably have surgery sooner rather than later.

I will say this, my perspective of "sick" has definitely been altered. There is some crazy shit out there!

So I have the serious vacation "itch." Feeling the need to run away somewhere warm. I just need to convince the cop to say "fuck it" and take a long weekend somewhere tropical. Any suggestions????

Flying again next Friday. May pick up an ED shift in the meantime.


Anonymous Canis latrans said...

Depends, JG. You want a fast paced adrenaline vacation? Can't imagine you would, that is your job. Can't help you there, I don't vacation to work myself up, I do it to down shift.
Like the mushy stuff?
Go to Destin Florida. Go to a restaurant called AJ's. While at AJ's, get tickets to take a sunset cruise on The Silent Lady. Never, in the 10 years with my woman, have I ever felt so close to her and so utterly relaxed. Off season in Florida is grand. The pan handle has great beaches and fantastic food. Play miniature golf, lay in the sun, swim in the Gulf, sleep... ahh sleep.
Yes. My definition of sick altered when I got clearance to do PT in the CCU. Yes, there is some sick S#!T out there. I think Wil would agree.

10:24 AM  
Blogger Ari B said...

Your living my dream. I love reading about your trials and triumphs in the medical world. Love your new puppy too.

Your an awesome writer.

11:40 AM  
Blogger NocturnalRN said...

Go to Hawaii. Kauai to be exact.

4:44 AM  

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