Thursday, January 03, 2008

Orange Bowl

I don't fly again until Saturday... so have to make the most of my time this week. Had a LOOONNNGG base meeting to hash out some of the details of the new base. Nothing exciting there. The one thing that I learned that is (kinda) pissing me off is that out of the 5 new staff, I am the only one who has even started clinicals. Not only that... my three whole flights are more than all but one of the other new peeps. Instead of sleeping late tomorrow, I am going on marketing meetings with the base manager. I'm not trying to be a brown noser, but this is my dream job and I want to give above and beyond.

I haven't said much about the flights I have done, but there isn't too much to say. They were all accidents, flown just because of the mechanism. All were nice, sober people. How in the hell does the queen of the drunk-ass trauma room get such vanilla patients??!?! How the fuck do I know. Yes, it is getting a bit frustrating. One of the new guys did a cric New Year's Eve. I do not wish bad things on anyone, but I hope that I have a trauma room Saturday night.

So the Mad-Dog and Wrigs are watching the Orange Bowl with me while the cop is busting drug dealers. I should say that the puppies and listening to me curse Tyrod Taylor. I may have to change the channel. I can handle trauma out the ass, but a bowl game may be a bit too intense for me.

Its the beginning of the second quarter... GO HOKIES!!!


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