Wednesday, December 26, 2007


The schedule at my "orientation base" is 8 on (every other 24) and 8 off. I'm almost done with the every other day 24 hour shift. My preceptor is awesome and everyone that I have worked with has been super excited to have me there and willing to teach me anything. It has been great!

This base is known for the large volume of scene calls..... we haven't been super busy yet, but have had 2 MVC's that we flew. The first was a rollover MVC that hit a ditch. He was a little confused, but otherwise stable. We flew him to my hospital. It was so cool to walk into the trauma room with my first patient. Lots of people came by to say hi and congrats. Some didn't even know that I had gotten hired. It was such a good feeling.

My second scene call was a high speed head on collision. She was a little confused and was bleeding from a huge laceration to the head. We flew her into DC. It was interesting to see how other hospitals run their traumas. It was....QUIET in there. Everyone listened when I gave report and things went very smoothly.

What can I say? I love my job!

I hope everyone's Christmas was wonderful.


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