Tuesday, February 26, 2008


The "get off of orientation" conversation with the doc was short and sweet. I flew the next day..... or should I say I stayed at the new base and did jack shit the next day. I'm looking forward to getting into the groove of things and having a routine.

We (the flight crew) went to a firefighter's symposium this weekend. The idea is that these are the folks that call us and set up our landing zones, so we'd better give away some swag and make nice. It was at this symposium that I got the true picture of the boys club. Being the only chick there I soon found my place as "bait." The big wigs would see me, I would give them a "hi, how are you?" with the southern accent and big smile and they would come talk about the helicopter. I know it is flat out sexist, but that is marketing. The cop was down for the night, since work was paying for the oceanfront hotel room. He really hates being around firefighters, but he sucked it up and it was a great opportunity to get the hell outta dodge. I did get a cool new toy while I was down there. Its a helmet camera that shoots video. So I can mount it to my helmet and get some great video of us flying, landing zones and patient airways. If I get anything usable I will put it on here.

I spent tonight with my sisters having sushi at this little hole in the wall place. My little sister liked it except for the "raw" part.


Blogger Paradise Driver said...

If you roll sushi in some cornmeal and fry it up, it tastes just like fish. ;)

1:16 AM  
Anonymous Canis latrans said...

Sushi is my comfort food. The day I dropped my first patient, my wife took me out for Sushi.
Ahh the good ol' boys thang. Keep your chin up, look them in the eye and know you are better than them in more ways than one. You can intubate in a helicopter, can they?

7:30 AM  

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