Thursday, January 31, 2008

Nursing Student?

Let me say that I am NOT bitching about the flight job. I LOVE flying. However, I am so over some of the bullshit that comes with. Part of "staying current" is going out and doing clinicals in various hospital units. The idea is that we can fly anything and we need to have a decent working knowledge of most common patient issues. What sucks ass is that unless the nurses in the units and really familiar with us, we get treated like nursing students.

Nursing students are pretty much the lowest on the totem pole in a hospital environment. You have not a lot of experience, don't know where the hell shit is and have to ask "mother may I?" for everything. (I'm NOT bashing them, I love students and have done my time as one) Nurses either 1)pretend you don't exist 2) treat you as a grunt or 3) want you under their thumbnail so so you don't break anything or kill the patients.

So clinicals for me have been a challenge. I just try to stay awake and not get dragged in to the shit wiping. I spent today with a nurse who used to be a clerk in my ED. She "taught" me the correct way to give a bath and how to tape an ETT in place. (guess it doesn't matter that I can drop one in the helicopter and secure it in flight) I get to do a neuro ICU rotation (FUN!) the OR and cath lab and I should be done. There are about 8 units that we have to visit total. I get to repeat in 6 months!

3 more flight shifts and I will be flying on my own. After dealing with one of the psychotic flight "paragods" at my training base I'm about done. Still waiting for the good trauma to come in. The best I've got is a near amputation of the arm. I hollered at him in high school spanish, gave him a shitload of pain meds and that was that.

All in all, still better than working in the unit.


Blogger Paradise Driver said...

Wouldn't it be nice to have a variation on the "Matrix" where you could download the knowledge you need. Like languages.

10:23 PM  
Blogger shrtstormtrooper said...

Yeah, it sucks to be a student, I'm one right now.

With that in mind, good luck with the rest of your OR clinicals!

4:29 PM  

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