Monday, April 24, 2006


I worked a princess last night. A princess shift is a little 4 hour shift and thats all. (actually was there for 5 but anyway). Picked up a daddys little princess in the trauma room. Not wearing a seat belt ( we have talked about this guys) and has a little ding to her eye. She's gonna be fine, but I think it was more painful for me to talk care of her than it was for her to be there.

One of the things that happens when we start to get busy is we end up putting medical patients in the trauma room. There are still monitors and resuscitation equipment in there, so it becomes just another place to stash a patient. Got a "Gonna give you an asthmatic" from my charge nurse. Not an issue, til the squad got there. 450lbs, frequent flyer. Already yelling that she wants to pee and some ginger ale. Obviously not in too much distress. Told her big ole butt to get up and walk to the bathroom. Sounds bad, I know. But she is here about twice a week. (less now that she has been put in an adult home). Did I mention that this lady is 44 years old? She looks older. Maybe she has had a rough life. Maybe she just needs to lay off the ciggs. 2 packs a day and still puffing.

Had another very nice lady who was in a-fib with a RVR. First thing out of her mouth... "I have to pee." Am I detecting a theme here? So her heart rate was all over the place, but she was actually doing pretty well.

So while thing 1 and thing 2 were having their issues in the trauma room a real trauma was on its way. Man cleaning his gun (.22 I think) dropped it and it went off. Now I'm not the gun person in my house, but I was thinking that if you're gonna clean a gun shouldn't you take the bullets out?? Guy had a hole dead center about 4 inches below his rib cage, trajectory seemed to be going up. Hmmm... not good for the home team. Could be a straight belly shot, or could be near the heart/lungs. Guy had distant heart sounds and blood in his pericardium. Again...BAD. He was on his way to the OR when I was walking out the door. All the while this was happening thing 1 (the asthmatic) was wondering around looking for ice. Lord, sometimes this place is just a little crazy.

We will take our lesson of the day from my last patient of the night.

Take the bullets OUT before you clean the gun.


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