Monday, June 12, 2006


Let me preface this by saying that this particular post will not have much, if anything to do with trauma, medicine or work in general. I was off the weekend. Slept late after my horrible night at work. Actually, slept ALLL day. It was nice, especially after cleaning up dog crap. Went to the luau last night. That was nuts. I have been to some good parties, but they did this one up well. There was an actual bar set up with our host (and fellow officer) mixing drinks. I must say, he makes a mean margarita. One of the female officers was manning the grill. She is nuts anyway, but give her a few beers, loud music and a hula skirt and she looks like a dashboard ornament gone wild.

Needless to say, a good time was had by all.

We got some stuff done around the house today and decided to go on a "date" tonight. We really don't get to go out much, so I was really excited. We went to the good ol chain seafood restaurant not long before they closed. We got served fast, but I am reminded that the food (save the biscuits) pretty much sucks. I do love seafood though, so we stuck it out and got outta there pretty fast.

We decided to catch the latest showing of that Disney movie Cars. I hadn't been to that theater since we moved, and now I know why. The reason I go to late movies is so that I don't have to deal with the little shits and their over-indulged asses. We got there early and sat way in the back. (this theater can be a little sketchy at night and the cop likes to sit with his back to the wall) All was good, even through the first few minutes of the movie. Then these little shitty teenagers showed up. They were talking on the Nextel phones (I hate that freaking chirp), yelling, waving glow sticks, etc etc etc. It was hard to hear the movie over their noise. At one point one of them started throwing the glow sticks. The cop was livid. I think he stuck around because I was really enjoying the movie. It is a cute movie. When they really got loud I actually reached for his gun. I would never use it, nor could I get it out of the holster, but I surprised him.

Finally, after he told them to shut up, I walked out. I have never done that in a movie before. I've moved seats, but never left. He had trouble catching me.... Apparently I was walking pretty fast. The manager got quite an earful from us both. There was even another movie person that followed us out for the same reason. I doubt she even heard us. She found out where they were sitting, gave us free passes and that was it.

I'm sorry, but if you can't tell, I work almost all the time. I'm tired of going out and having to deal with behavior like this. I didn't act that way when I was a teenager because I knew better. I was not brought up to act like that. Its not just at the movies, its everywhere. The mall, restaurants, I am scared to even go to amusement parks. I'm just fucking tired of it.

So we came home, cracked open a bottle of wine from Key West and sat on the deck with the tiki torches. He pooped out early (lol, for night shift anyway). So, I'm sitting up, researching honeymoon locations watching Wild Things. Its a skanky movie, but I figure I'm entitled to a guilty pleasure after the night I've had.

I think what angers both of us is that in our jobs when people act like that we can take action and do something about it. He can arrest them, I can throw them out of the ER. Or, worst case scenario we can paralyze and sedate them (see the 'Asshole Tube' post).

Ok, I'm going to try to relax and wind down. Maybe I'll make it to bed before 5am.


Blogger wil said...

The last movie I saw in a theater was STAR WARS - Episode II

Sitting in a theater while people talk on their cell phones, have conversations across the theater and letting their brats run rampant is a waste of my $8.50.

Now I just wait for the film's DVD release and enjoy it over and over and over.

And, as much of a slob as I am, my house is still cleaner than most movie houses.

5:48 AM  

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