Friday, June 09, 2006

Being Green

Have you ever heard the song that Kermit the Frog sang 'It's Not Easy Being Green?' Well, thats how I felt last night. I wandered in to the green ER with my Crocs on and 8 hours of sleep under my belt thinking, Hey, I only have 2 more nights and I'm off for the weekend. Lets just say to those of us who believe in Karma, if you get what you give, then I think I must have been a serial killer or lawyer in a previous life, 'cause last night sucked! I had wall to wall little old ladies with "terrible pains" with a side of mean and crazy as shit.

With 2 noteworthy exceptions, the nurses working with me were awesome though. When you get a good group the night goes so much better. We help each other out and have a good time doing it. My friend K was back there, crazy as ever. Even the docs and residents were kick ass. However, until 2300 we had a day/evening shift nurse with us. Let me tell you she was about worthless. This lady usually does days, and gets here at the crack of dawn so she can sit on her ass in the radio room in triage and just deal with ambulance and helicopter calls and play on the computer. When she does work the back, like tonight she is freaking painful. She can't manage 1 slightly sick person, much less her whole zone. (we routinely have 4 pts to a zone, but can be more if we are busy). So instead of keeping up with out patients, the whole side had to take care of the patients she couldn't handle. I was SOOO glad to see 11pm get there.

At 11 we got a nurse from Supplemental Staffing. They help fill in holes in our staffing, which keeps us running smoothly. These nurses choose several departments to work in and can be in a different area daily. For their "flexibility" they get paid about $30/hr more than your regular staff nurse. (no paid time off or benefits though) Most of them are Rock Stars in the dept and are a blast to work with. The girl we got last night was an exception. She didn't speak to any of us. She didn't help anyone and was never around, especially when her patients needed something. The charge nurse ended up running her whole zone. I found out later that this same nuse was written up the last time she was in the department. Apparently, there was a code in one of her rooms. When we get a code the whole nursing team jumps in to help. So while her patient was coding, she sat in the nurses station and ate crackers. She was called to come help,again, it was HER patient, but didn't do so. I'd have booted her then and there.

I am back in trauma tonight, then off for 2 days. Am going to a cop party Saturday. That should be interesting. These guys are nuts when they get together. As long as I don't end up in handcuffs or sprayed with OC (pepper spray) I'll be a happy girl.

'We Are the People Our Parents Warned Us About'..... so true.


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Oh, come on. Handcuffs can be fun!!!


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