Tuesday, June 06, 2006


OK, as much as I love trauma, it can't rule my life. Most of the nurses and docs that I work with have something else that they love. Some have horses, music, one of the docs owns (?!?!?) a small plane and flies it himself to all of his meetings and conferences. I am a HUGE Jimmy Buffett fan. The nurses always know when Buffett-season is upon us. I'm bringing in bootleg concert cd's and the rest of the collection. (Or can be seen dancing in the trauma room with my IPOD)

Fortunately, my cop is as much of a parrothead as I am. Last year we did 3 shows, including Labor Day weekend at Wrigley. That was the best show ever!!! Buffett shows are as much about the tailgating as they are the show. The sights in the parking lot rival those in the trauma room on race weekend. Maybe thats why I enjoy the parking lot so much.

Sights From the Charlotte Show:

10) Fin on an RV
9) Golf Cart with Lifeguard stand on the back
8) Drunk guy in the lifeguard seat
7) 6 year-old with a mohawk painted green, white and red (kid was dressed like a parrot)
6) Margaritaville Chicken 'Best Breasts' temporary tattoos
5) Sign 'Show your Tits, Get a Balloon' (they didn't get any takers)
4) Frat Boys in grass skirts and coconut bras (one with his bare ass hanging out)
3) 3 foot tall Margaritas
2) Miss Margaritaville with boobs hanging out of too-small coconuts
1) 30,000 parrotheads standing in the pouring rain doing 'Fins' (yes, it rained the WHOLE TIME!)

Don't drink the 3 foot tall Margarita an hour before the show. You'll have to pee in the middle!


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