Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Buffett II

I was laying in bed last night after drinking too much Jamaican Beer, thinking about Buffett. I don't think that I mentioned the shit you have to deal with while you are there. Last year I got my ass grabbed by a drunk frat boy. NOT a good idea when the cop/boyfriend is right next to me. He chased him through the crowd, caught him and (I'm pretty sure) was about to knock the shit outta him until his (sober) mind got control again. I think he's lucky I didn't catch him first. This guy was all of 6'2, 200lbs+, drunk and off balance. I'm 5'0, was wearing a sarong and bikini top and had no issues with knocking bozo down to my level. If you listen to the Bristow, Va concert from last year I bet you can hear the drama over Buffett's 'Tripping Billies' cover!

There is always drama at Buffett. My friend and her husband (also a cop) got into a beer fight after the show one year. He finally got pissed and left her in the lot. We had to drive her, crying, back to the hotel. They promptly made up. grabbed more beer and jumped into the pool fully clothed.

I must rant a bit about the 3 old farts and the pervert that were behind us this year. It was warm and beautiful all day until 5 minutes before the show started. The beachballs were flying as usual and the old lady behind me got hit with one and spilled her 3ft margarita. She was so upset that she spilled on her 'nice' blanket. (*don't bring nice stuff to buffett, it get trashed*) so she poured water on the waterproof side to clean it up. The water went ALL over me! Bitch! Her perverted son/husband whatever, kept trying to dance all behind me. The cop had to get behind me and (subtly) remind him to get his old ass away from mine. They got cold in the rain and left early. Awwwwww.... too bad, so sad.

Also, to the driver of the big black truck with personalized plates that make reference to a buffett character who 'sings for his supper every night'... you need to learn to drive. You almost hit my car a couple times and the cop was armed and ready to pull you out of the truck. (this was in the parking lot).

I have a question...
we went to taco bell after the show. It was the only thing open. The line was LONG but they were fast, friendly and got our order right. Can we get these kids to talk to the chihuahua up the road? They screw up everything!

Back to work for the next 3 nights.

Don't call me nurse, baby, boo, bitch, teeny bopper, shoty or anything else along those lines. I'm here to save your ass, not kiss it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Nurse is inappropriate and we are in the middle of an asthma attack will Miss {your name} do?

I never actually realized calling you NURSE was inappropriate - as I usually try for Nurse {your name} - but will resort to just Nurse in between gasping for breath.

Seriously - isn't Nurse akin to Ma'am or Miss or Please in this situation? - I don't think people are being insulting with the determination of Nurse - you earned the have the education....why is Nurse such a problem?

I would think it would be the same as Officer for your "cop" - or am I wrong there too? I don't run into either of your kind much anyway....

Just checking....

11:34 PM  

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