Monday, July 03, 2006


Did I ever mention that I am extremely clumsy? It would be hard to believe as I was a dancer in my younger years. 16 years of ballet, jazz tap and pointe. I really loved it. Did great on stage too. However, offstage I can hardly walk in a straight line. I fall down ALL the time. I tripped over a stretcher in the ER about 2 years ago and fell on my outstretched hand. POP, broke a bone in my wrist. Cast for 6 weeks and light duty. Didn't stop me from gloving up (one S and one XL glove) to help crack a chest.

Well, was walking out to the jeep to help carry groceries in and tripped over the landscape timber. Actually, my story is going to be that massive moles burrowing underground caused the timber to get bumped up about 4 inches and thats why I tripped. Unless someone has a better story.... anyway, I broke my freaking toe!

I'm an ER nurse and I know better than to go in for this. The ER is busy enough and doesn't need my bullshit. Here's what would happen.....X-Ray... yup its broken. Buddy tape the thing to the one next to it. Take my NSAIDS, ice, elevate and no contact sports or chasing psych patients for a while. Damn that fucker hurts though!


Blogger wil said...

So now you And The Cop are walking wounded.


Tell him you'll kiss his boo-boo's if he kisses your boo-boo's.

You mentioned something about a wedding date. Both of you please be careful!! It would be no fun needing a wheelchair to get to the Altar.

7:21 PM  
Blogger shayla said...

I second that


2:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How anyone canNOT figure out not to go into ER for a pinkie toe break is beyond me, but my best friend is an ER nurse in VA and I have heard it all.

Glad you pointed that

Love the no drink & drive/wear your seatbelt credos [who the hell doesn't wear their seatbelt that shocks me to no end!]

I do have to ask - what was the crack on the last post about needing year round school? I know you don't have kids, but some of us actually protect, raise & discipline our children and don't need the year round school dictum to keep 'em safe....'kay?

Great blog ! Don't burn out before you actually find the money to become a flight nurse - it's worth it!

10:26 PM  

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