Monday, July 10, 2006


This is my last night and I get 2 whole days off. 4/4 always sucks. I told people not to expect much from me besides being a warm body. It seems that again, the gods and fate have laughed at me.

Had 3 people die in the department tonight.... the first was a cardiac arrest from a nursing home. The squad actually got the man back. I was surprised. The used the geezer squeezer and some drugs and fuck if it didn't work. Unfortunately, while 9pm wasn't the man's "time" it turns out that his time was about an hour later. Oh well... it happens.

So I was helping out, trying to avoid checking the trauma room yet when my light went off and the phone rang at the same time. Thats not good. I told the triage nurse to hang on while I got a piece of paper. She said "hun, just get ready... 37 yo male GSW to the belly, got the call from dispatch." Hot damn we were dancing over that one. GSW's to the belly are great because we don't have to do a lot. We get labs, X-rays and a quick exam and then they are off to the OR to (as my CC said) "move the bowels." LOL, they actually run the bowel (look at every inch for injury) but its the same thought.

So when the squad rounded the corner with a breathing tube and a patient that looked like shit we were not real happy. They guy had a through and through to the belly alright.... but was not exactly with a pulse. My exact words to the special forces medic (they train here) was "oh fuck, they are gonna crack his chest" YUPPPERS..... thats what happened. The bullet must have hit some major vessel in the abd because the heart was empty. We worked like dogs on this guy. 5 units of blood and all kinds of other fun stuff, but never got much back. He died at about 2am.

Finally, as we were calling the GSW a sids patient came in. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is pretty sad to deal with. This kid was 4 months old and was sleeping in the same bed with mom. I don't know how long she was down before they found her. The squad brought her in anyway.... kids, cops and ems peeps pretty much get worked regardless of whats wrong. Even if we can't fix it we will try. So mom was able to watch as we worked her... this is a new trend in medicine. Its called family presence. I am all for it... it the appropriate situation. It gives some closure to the family and (if its for a procedure) comforts the patient.

So my room is not quiet and beautiful and I am off for the next 2 nights. Whoo-hoo!!! I'm gonna sleep today!

Don't sleep in the bed with your infant. Over a year is ok... before that please please please don't give in and do it!


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