Wednesday, July 05, 2006


So I had a great day yesterday. I can't stand going to those big 4th of July things that they have around here, the people make me so nuts. So instead of trying to get to the beach and share a 4x4 area of sand with 50,000 of my closest friends we took his father's boat out. We did the same last year. They shoot fireworks out over the water... its beautiful. So we spent the day on the water dodging jetskiers and those HUGE Donzi boats that are going 60mph. Too much sun, but otherwise had a great time. We even saw a couple of bald eagles nesting. Very cool.

I must warn all of you who care, about July. You never, ever want to end up in a teaching hospital in July. All of the medical students graduate at the end of May, and the residents finish their programs in the end of June. July 1 should be blacked out of all calendars. This is the day that we get new interns. Interns are folks that have graduated medical school, take the first of many board exams and are now pleased to take care of your health care needs. Basically, they don't know their elbow from their asshole and require a large amount of hand holding and direction. They either come to the nurses for everything (help me help me) or treat the nurses like we are morons. The latter get their asses handed to them and quickly change their tune.

I make a point never ever to work the first few days of July. It helps that my birthday is the 2nd. I've had about a week off... Enjoyed my birthday and have been working on getting my house clean. Not too exciting, but enough to keep me happy. Before I run I must say thank you to Drs Steinbrunner, Finan, Quinn, Ward, and Ines. These are all of our residents who are (Or were) in the military. All but 1 were sent to Iraq after graduation. We are SO proud of you all!!!


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