Saturday, July 08, 2006

Money and Guns

Apparently things have been rough for teenagers these days. In the past couple we have had some horrible accidents. Yesterday there was a kid who was running from the police with a friend. The car lost control, rolled multiple times and the driver was ejected and impacted the pavement with his face. The passenger was DRT. The driver was flown in and will probably be taken off of life support when his family arrives from Florida.

When I got in there was a little girl (16) who lost control when driving and hit a tree. She as a brainstem bleed and will probably die in the next few days. Her family was a bit Jerry Springer. Mom, Dad and stepmom, all arguing in the hall outside of the CT scanner.

I was sitting next to one of the docs... he is NUTS (like the devil with a medical degree) watching a cop with a drunk. This bitch was driving drunk and hit a tree. Her 5 year old daughter was in the back. The cop charged her with DUI and child endangerment. She kept trying to get up and go to the bathroom with her purse. The officer finally stopped her, and took her purse (she was trying to keep it from him) when he looked in it he pulled out a loaded pistol. (It looked like a .22) The doc and I looked at each other with the 'oh shit' look. Ummm.... I don't even want to think about how bad things could have been!!

We actually take weapons off of patients frequently.... Especially in the trauma room. We have found them in pockets, underwear, under do rags in purses you name it. What upsets me is that we have been asking for metal detectors for years and they still won't get them. Its going to take someone getting shot to fix that... OH!!! nevermind, we have already had a psych patient shoot a security guard. Umm, maybe we need to have someone get killed first.

Had a husband and wife involved in an accident. The fought at the club, took it to the car (both drunk as hell) got to physically fighting and he punched her face, she bit his finger, they went off the road and hit some parked cars. The best park was when they started ratting each other out to the police. They were in beds 1 and 3... and started screaming at each other across the room. It was so damn funny. My CC finally had to tell them to shut the hell up.

Finally, right before shift change we had another drunk driver. This dickhead was driving along, and hit a PARKED DUMP TRUCK. How the hell do you hit a parked dump truck? You can't exactly say it jumped in front of you. We were going through his pockets and hit the motherload. 2 bricks of cash... 100's, 50's and 20's. Nine 100 dollar bills, nine 50 dollar bills and over one hundred 20's. This guy had enough cash to pay my mortgage, and go on a trip to Hawaii via Vegas and LA. We have decided that he was self employed in the pharmaceutical distribution business. (AKA drug dealer). Must be nice to deal drugs and get all that tax exempt cash... However I like my health plan a little too much to drop it all now!!!

Make your kids wear their seatbelts too, and actually punish them when they get in trouble. PLEASE! Limits and year round school could be a good thing!


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